Item 13. Vintage Copper Bar Hand Wrought-Depicts Juan Pablo Grijalva

PRICE: $2,500

Copper was put on in 1987 & hallmark.
The guy who made the copper was commissioned for many jobs including famous art frames and furniture.
His first name I’m told is John, he lived and worked in a mine in southern Arizona. The artist Justin Tso, a Navajo from northern Arizona knew him and where he lived but can’t recall his last name. He covered a painting of Justin’s with a copper frame in the late 60’s that recently sold for $10,000.
The depiction is of Don Juan Pablo Grijalva also known as Sergeant Grijalva. He was a soldier that came to California with the Anza expedition and was a founding father of Orange County around 1775-1796.
The history can be found at the Santa Ana History articles.
96 x 20 x 40″ WDH

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