Item 13. Vintage Copper Bar Hand Wrought-Depicts Juan Pablo Grijalva

PRICE: $2,500

Copper was put on in 1987 & hallmark.
The guy who made the copper was commissioned for many jobs including famous art frames and furniture.
His first name I’m told is John, he lived and worked in a mine in southern Arizona. The artist Justin Tso, a Navajo from northern Arizona knew him and where he lived but can’t recall his last name. He covered a painting of Justin’s with a copper frame in the late 60’s that recently sold for $10,000.
The depiction is of Don Juan Pablo Grijalva also known as Sergeant Grijalva. He was a soldier that came to California with the Anza expedition and was a founding father of Orange County around 1775-1796.
The history can be found at the Santa Ana History articles.
96 x 20 x 40″ WDH

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Item 12. Smith & Wesson Model 14, 6 Shooter Hand Gun, 6″ Barrel

PRICE: $750.00
The Smith & Wesson Model K-38 Target Masterpiece Revolver Model 14 is a six-shot, double-action revolver with adjustable open sights built on the medium-size “K” frame. It is chambered for the .38 Special cartridge, and fitted with a 6 in (150 mm) or 8 38 in (210 mm) barrel. First produced in 1947 and originally known as the K-38 Target Masterpiece, it was renamed the Model 14 in 1957 when all Smith & Wesson revolvers were given numerical model numbers. It is built on the same medium-sized frame (K-frame) as the seminal Smith & Wesson Model 10 (“Military and Police”) revolver. The K-38 model was authorized for duty with the Los Angeles Police Department[1] in the 1960s and early 1970s.

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Item 11. Justin Tso, Original Native American Painting -THE HERD – Monumental 96″x48″

The Art               $10,000.00
This monumental piece commissioned in 1988 And framed in copper in 1989 By Renowned copper artist John L. this is the largest painting done by Justin, the size of the framed work  is 8’ x 4’, and is framed in gilded copper  3 ¼ x1 ⅛ .
The painting took two months to complete, and  is twice the size of any of his previous work he has done to date, he reference to this piece as monumental.

A $5,000 deposit was made to commissioned the piece but was never paid for in full
so the work stayed Wrapped and packed for delivery in southwest Arizona til 2017.

The Artist:
Justin Tso, born in Canyon de Chelly in 1948, is a traditional artist who enjoys painting the Navajo Reservation landscapes, the proud Navajo people, and his horses. He believes his paintings represent an art form that has all but disappeared in recent years.

Justin Tso’s award-winning opaque watercolors depict ancient tales and traditions of the Navajo people,

Tso attended schools in Chinle, Arizona; Gallup, New Mexico; and Lawton, Oklahoma,Justin Worked and Drew for Disney in 1967 and later served in the armed forces for three years (1969 – 1971) before completing his education at I.T.C. in San Francisco, California, and the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.  Although he studied art briefly in the public schools he attended, Tso is almost entirely self-taught.

Tso has had numerous exhibitions, countless awards and has been featured in Several art galleries as well as the Amerind Foundation Museum in Dragoon, Arizona and publications such as “Plateau” 1982, and “Southwest Art Magazine” May/June 1983.

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