Glossary of Terms

At A-Lot Sales we use very specific words in our descriptions to help communicate to you exactly what an item is. Here is a glossary of some terms and their definitions that we commonly use for clarity in our item descriptions:

Vintage — Certain items produced more than 25 years ago. Also used to describe an item form a particular generation that has come back into style. These could be based on our opinion, so it is a good idea to preview items and do your own research.

Antique — Items produced more than 100 years ago.

Collectibles — These items could be vintage or antique, but it will mean there are other items out there which this item would be added to, or to complete a set, such as certain flatware, dishes, toys, tools, signs, ceramics, etc.

Old — This typically means we couldn’t confirm the date but know it’s an older item from before 1979.

Primitive — Pottery, fossils, etc.

We use many professional resources to identify ages to the best of our ability, but we can be (and have been) mistaken. It is always a good idea to preview our items and determine ages for yourself.