January Auction (Completed)

Our January auction closed on Friday 1/23 at 7pm.  Payment and pickup is Saturday 1/24 from 8am – 2pm and Sunday 1/25 from 8am-Noon.

***PLEASE NOTE, several items were not picked up for the last auction.  We have tried hard not to require credit cards to register and have NO buyers premium because of it.  Unfortunately, if items continue to not be picked up, we will have to require bidder authentication to register.  Thank you to all of our bidders who have helped us grow!

January Auction Coming!

Happy New Year! Our January auction is coming, and we have some spectacular items. The auction will begin Thursday, January 15th at noon and run through Friday, January 23rd at 7 p.m. **Please note that this close is one day later than we usually do.

Pickup and load will be Saturday, Jan. 24th from 7 a.m. – noon. Please call us with any questions.

What does “vintage” mean?

At A-Lot Sales we use very specific words in our descriptions to help communicate to you exactly what an item is. Here is a glossary of some terms and their definitions that we commonly use for clarity in our item descriptions:

Vintage — Certain items produced more than 25 years ago. Also used to describe an item form a particular generation that has come back into style. These could be based on our opinion, so it is a good idea to preview items and do your own research.

Antique — Items produced more than 100 years ago.

Collectibles — These items could be vintage or antique, but it will mean there are other items out there which this item would be added to, or to complete a set, such as certain flatware, dishes, toys, tools, signs, ceramics, etc.

Old — This typically means we couldn’t confirm the date but know it’s an older item from before 1979.

Primitive — Pottery, fossils, etc.

We use many professional resources to identify ages to the best of our ability, but we can be (and have been) mistaken. It is always a good idea to preview our items and determine ages for yourself.